PTA Leadership Team

Parents, we need your help for our open positions for our 2022-2023 school year. Please review the positions that are open and let us know how you would like to help.

You do not need experience to be a PTA team member, you just need some extra time and dedication to improving our student’s education. Volunteering at any level in the PTA is a great way to get to know your child’s school, learn how our education system works, suggest ideas, connect with parents and make a difference.



Complete the Interest Form and turn it in to your child’s teacher

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Terms of Office begin July 1st every year.


New 2022-2023 Board Members:


Board of Directors

President:  Kathy McCreary
Vice President: Justina Powell
Treasurer: Mike Donovan
Secretary: Melanie Mottershead
Audit Committee Chair: Meisha McGeorge
Membership Chair: Emily Murphy
Nominating Committee Chair: Anna Cole
School Principal: Dr. Denise Tillery
Teacher Representative: Ginny Poulsen

At-Large Board Member:  Joanne Galofaro

At-Large Board Member: Melissa Austin


Fundraising Team

Book Fair Committee: Michelle Massey
Book Fair Asst: Nicole Broadnax
Hurricane Hustle Committee: OPEN
Fun Run Asst: OPEN
Community Partnerships Committee: Chelsea Allshouse
Communication Committee: Liz Coldagelli
Spirit Night Committee: Kathryn Schwartz
Yearbook Business Committee: Sandra Russo
Yearbook Club Advisor and Editing Committee: Jacklyn Obiedzenski
Spirit Wear Committee: Ashley Laver and Brooke Demoret


Programs Team

Staff Appreciation Committee: Kirby Neal and Brooke Demoret
Cultural Arts Committee: Liz Coldagelli
Reflections Committee: Liz Coldagelli
Reflections Asst: OPEN
Birthday Lunch Committee: Jenna Minton and Mary Gibson


Communications Team

Communications Chair: Anna Cole

Volunteer Coordinator: Mike Donovan
Facebook Committee: Anna Cole & Liz Coldagelli
Webmaster: Adam Bergren
Bulletin Boards: Sandra Russo
BAC Coordinator: Melanie Mottershead


Event Committees

Fall into Fun Festival: OPEN
Family Dance Committee: OPEN
Food Drive Committee: OPEN
Grounds Committee: OPEN
Wake Up and Read Committee: OPEN

PTA News

The HES PTA partners with the school’s Principal /Teachers, School System and Community to communicate with parents important information about what is happening in and around our school.  This communication is presented in several ways and every effort is made to ensure that students and parents are well informed and that information is updated and easy to find.


Stay Informed!

Meeting Minutes

PTA General Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2022

Heritage Elementary School PTA Meeting conducted via Google Meet hosted

by President Kathy McCreary


Present Board Members

Kathy McCreary President

Justina Powell Vice President

Melanie Mottershead Secretary

Emily Murphy Membership

Anna Cole Communications

Mike Donovan Nominations

Ginny Poulsen Teacher Representative

Joanne Galofaro Teacher Representative

Denise Tillery School Principal


Absent Board Members

Scott ColdagelliTreasurer

Meisha McGeorge Auditor


General Membership Attendance (not exhaustive list)

Melissa Austin

Chelsea Allshouse

Ruby Chavez


Adu Saarah-Mes

Ashley Berwick

Laura Steele

Maggie Langdon

Mary Gibson

Sarah Kingery

Sebastian Koe

Tempa Peters

Crystal Bright

Jilla Peasley

Mary-Ryan Smith

Tonya Murphy

Felipe Sierra

Laura Dolan

Barina Bailey

Cassiano Santana

Charlotte Tchimo

Jacklyn Obiedzenski


1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Kathy McCreary.


2. Quorum Confirmation:

Secretary Melanie Mottershead confirmed a quorum (39 members).


3. Approval of Minutes:

Kathy reviewed the minutes of the Board meeting on July 21 and summarized each point. The minutes were approved as written.


4. Board Reports:

      a. Treasurer: Kathy reviewed the budget for the 2022-23 school year

      b. Vice President: Justina updated us on the Fall Festival. The date has been changed to

Friday October 21 4:30-7:30. There will be lots of new events inside and outside. Food trucks for purchase. A sign-up be sent to parents volunteers.

      c. Communications: Anna has been working hard on social media. The PTA is now on

Twitter @wfheritagepta and Instagram (HESPTANC).

     d. Principal: Dr. Tillery is excited and thankful for the support of the PTA this school year.

She is pleased at the energy of the PTA.


5. Committee Reports:

      a. Book Fair: Michelle Massey reported that setup will begin on Friday August 12 and 6-8

volunteers are needed. The book fair is no longer tax exempt. All purchases will be

charged a sales tax which will take some adjusting. All money given to the kids will need

to account for sales tax.

     b. Sponsorship: Chelsea Allshouse reported that she has reached out to several local

businesses to solicit donations. Fall Festival vendor tables are $100. For food vendors

the $100 fee will be waived in lieu of a 10% donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

     c. Spirit Night: Katie reported that Thursday July 28 is Lumpy’s Ice Cream (early release

day), Mod Pizza (not Mellow Mushroom) on August 16 which is a change from the

original schedule.

     d. Year Book: Kathy reported on behalf of Sandy and mentioned the emphasis this year

will be on room parents to help contribute photos for the year book throughout the

year rather than scrambling at the end.

     e. Spirit Wear: Please get the word out for spirit wear. Room parents should share this

with their classes. Spirit wear will be delivered the week before Labor Day. The

website is now up-to-date on ordering information and links.


6. GoPlaySave Fundraiser:

Kathy reported the books will be available during the Book Fair and Open House. It has deals from all over the Triangle. You can buy an actual book or a virtual copy. The profits will help to fund the Fall Festival and a water filtration system for the school.

7. Bike Rack:

This proposal is underway. A, Wake County approved, vendor has been selected. There is also a sponsor to help fund this project.

8. Next General PTA Meeting:

August 25, 6:15

9. Upcoming PTA Board Meetings:

August 18, 6:30

Meeting adjourned 6:59 due to technology failure.

Respectfully submitted by Melanie Mottershead, Secretary

PTA Budget:
Income and Expenses

Financial Reports are presented each month at our PTA meeting.

For information, contact Scott Coldagelli.

Download the Spreadsheet Here!