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About Us

Welcome to the Heritage Elementary School Parent Teacher Association!!


Great things come from working together!

HES PTA prides itself in having a strong, cooperative working arrangement with School Principal Dr. Denise Tillery and the wonderful faculty/staff at Heritage Elementary School.

We are there every day in the lives of your students at HES… from the PTA sponsored cultural arts performances they see throughout the year, to the fun Hurricane HERO’s Hustle Fun Run, Fall Family Event, the Book Fair, Staff Goody days, Reflections program, Teacher Appreciation Week, HES Spirit Wear, Food Drive and many more activities.

The HES PTA has funded a number of improvements over its 13-year history, including playground drinking fountains, play equipment, a shade structure, picnic tables, and numerous technology enhancements including laptops for teachers, iPads – new computers for classrooms, SmartBoards for classrooms and more.


The PTA succeeds only with the commitment and enthusiasm of its membership volunteers and leaders.

We are proud to support the Heritage Hurricanes!

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Our Mission

Heritage Elementary School PTA Mission:
To build a strong, cooperative relationship between parents, teachers, and staff to fulfill the educational potential for every student.

NC PTA Mission:
To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

National PTA Mission:
To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children. To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of our nation.

Continue to improve communications between school and families through PTA website, The Heritage Herald, social media and email notifications.

Continue to supply books and instructional supplies to Heritage Elementary School classrooms, Media Center, our Specials and student support programs

Maintain a healthy lifestyle initiative and sponsor student activities, awareness and success for their personal and academic achievements

Join Us!

Students achieve when Parents and Teachers Assist one another.

Select the membership that’s right for you.

We invite you to become a member of the HES PTA!


“Membership” does NOT mean “Volunteering” (though we have lots of opportunities if you’d like to)  Becoming a member means that you are supporting the efforts of your PTA; as well as, the work of the NC and National PTA’s to make a difference for the education, health, and welfare of children.  


For just $10.00 per person you gain a year long membership, plus … monthly raffle for members, discount on spirit wear and much more. You could be a part the countless activities funded by the PTA that encourage a positive environment for students, staff, and parents to work together.

Membership drive runs from July to September, but you can become a member at any time. Please welcome your family, friends and community members to join too! Please complete the HES PTA Membership Form, and you may go online to take care of the cost of membership.

Welcome to Heritage Elementary School PTA!

Meet Our Mascots

Hes & Tracker

Hes has been a longtime friend to Heritage Elementary! For a while now, he’s been touring the world gathering more knowledge to share with our students. Along the way, he met this adorable dog named Tracker and became great friends.

So much so, Tracker followed Hes back to Wake Forest…

Since then, Hes has been offered a new job at the National Weather Service to teach children about weather and the world around them. While he’s away, Tracker agreed to stay and watch over our school to help students learn about respect, discipline, making healthy food choices, getting plenty of exercise every day and trying their very best in all of their classes.

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