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The HES PTA offers a variety of programs to enrich the experience of students,

families, school and community

Supporting our Students

Birthday Lunch Celebrations

Cultural Arts

End of 5th Grade Celebration (5th Grade)

5th Grade Yearbook Cover Design Contest

Hurricane Hustle

Spirit Wear

Yearbook Club

Snack Pantry

Book Club


Parent Education Seminars

Tissues & Tea

Volunteer of the Month

Supporting our School and Staff

Grounds & Safety

Holiday Gift Wrapping Service / Cookie Exchange

Monthly Staff Goody Days

Room Parents

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Teacher Grants

Teacher/Staff Favorites


Supporting our Community

Food Drive

WAKE Up and Read

Birthday Lunch Calendar

The PTA loves to celebrate our students on their birthdays. Each month, a PTA representative will set-up a table in the cafeteria where students can collect a special treat bag. Students can collect their treat bag only during the Birthday Lunch in his or her birthday month.


The Birthday Lunch schedule is as follows:



July/August: August 26th Tracks 1, 3, & 4

September:  September 9th Tracks 1, 3 & 4

October: October 14th Tracks 1 & 3

October: October 28th Tracks  4

November: November 18th Tracks 1, 3 & 4

December: December 2nd  Tracks 1, 3 & 4

January: January 13th Tracks 1 & 3

January: January 27th Tracks 4

February: February 17th Tracks 1, 3 & 4

March: March 2nd Tracks 1, 3 & 4

April: April 14th Tracks 1 & 3

April: April 28th Tracks 4

May: May 12th Tracks 1, 3 & 4

June: June 1st Tracks 1, 3 & 4

Please remind your student to check in at the PTA table during their birthday month to collect their special treat!

Reflections / Cultural Arts

This is your chance to make art for the
National PTA Reflections Art Program.















Upcoming event will be in spring 2023!

Staff Goody Day

We love our teachers!!! ❤️ ❤️  Staff Goody Day at HES.

Just a little way to show we care!
HES staff are provided with a special snack or lunch in the Staff Lounge.
Multiple classes will collaborate together to “sponsor” the Staff Goody Days each month.


Restock the Teachers Lounge

August 22nd to August 26th (Track 1,3,4)

Track 1 Parents

Track 3 Parents

Track 4 Parents

You’re the Apple of our Eye! 

Caramel Apple Bar – Build your own Apple Sundae!  

October 19th (Track 1,3)

Brantley (Track 1)

Watters (Track 1) 

Murphy (Track 1)

Poulsen (Track 3)

Champion (Track 3)

October 26th (Track 4)



Pentoney / Howell 

Just a little Holiday Treat for someone oh so Sweet!

Cookies, Pies, Holiday Sweets & Hot Cocoa Bar

December 5 (Track 1,3,4)

Alford (Track 1)

Rozansky (Track 1)

Woolsey (Track 1)

Obiedzenski (Track 3)

Ellenberger (Track 3)

Perret-Gentil (Track 4)

Compton (Track 4)

Keyes (Track 4)

Souper Bowl Party

Soups, Stews, and other Tailgating food

February 15th (Track 1,3,4)

Jones (Track 1)

Marks (Track 1)

Mayer (Track 1)

McKoy (Track 3)

Poulsen (Track 3)

Bunn (Track 4)

Keen (Track 4)

Popping in to say “Thanks for being so Wonderful”

Popcorn Bar

Scoop – Sprinkle – Enjoy

March 21st (Track 3,4) 

Gordon (Track 3)

Meduri (Track 3)

John (Track 4)

Townsley (Track 4)

Lutz (track 4)

March 28th  (Track 1) 



Thank for making Learning so Fresh!

Build your own Salad – Salad Bar

May 25th  (Track 1,3,4)

Franklin (Track 1)

Zelenak (Track 1)

Gorelick (Track 3)

M. Jones (Track 3)

Galfaro (Track 4)

Hylton (Track 4)

Reid (Track 4)

Staff Goody Days Responsibilities: 

Room parent duties include communicating with classroom parents via letter, phone call, or email to send /bring in items or donations.  Room Parents are asked to help assist in the set up and clean up of Goody Day. This can be you or it can be a parent volunteer(s) from your class.

The PTA will supply the paper goods and will be available for assistance that day.



Staff Appreciation Chair: Kirby Neal, reach at

5th Grade Celebration

End of 5th Grade Celebration

All tracks TBD

Clap-Out in the Halls of HES


All classrooms at HES will line the halls and give our 5th Graders a round of applause while they walk the school one last time – as we say goodbye!
(Parents and siblings are invited to join us for this event)

You’ve gained a lot of knowledge
and have changed from day to day.
We hope all the things you’ve learned at HES
will help you pave your way.
Can’t believe our end is near
We hate to say goodbye
Good luck to you in middle school …
Spread your wings and fly.
But hang on to the memories of all the things we did,
most of all remember,
You’re a very special kid!

Teacher Grants

The Heritage Elementary PTA has established a fund to help our teachers. Each year we supply a a grant to each teachers, specialists and grade levels to use for supplies that will enrich their students’ experience at Heritage. This is made possible through membership support and PTA fundraisers.

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