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Room Parent







You volunteered to be a Room Parent.  THANK YOU!!! But, now what?

You will be invited to attend an orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year where you will receive an overview of the Room Parent role, have an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other Room Parents. The meeting dates will be announced on this page when they are scheduled.

A summary of Room Parent responsibilities are noted below for your reference throughout the school year.

Where do I start?
*Meet Your Teacher: Schedule a teacher meeting at the start of the year to learn about his/her needs, preferences and expectations. Depending on your teacher’s preferences, your teacher may want you to:

Coordinate classroom volunteers
Plan class parties and activities
Collect supplies for classroom use

*Welcome Letter: Send parents a welcome letter introducing yourself and request contact information from parents for classroom use.

*Classroom Roster: Create a class roster to be distributed to parents in your classroom. You or your teacher can make a copy for each student to be sent home in their weekly folders.

What do I need to do?
At various times during the year, you will be asked to volunteer and/or round up supplies from your classroom parents for the following PTA events and activities:

Staff Goody Days

Staff/Teacher Appreciation

How can I best use this role to serve the classroom parents and the PTA?

*Communicate about and/or assist in recruiting volunteers for the following PTA activities/events:

Yearbook Pictures
Hurricane Hero Hustle Fun Run / Silent Auction / Family Dance
Spirit Nights
Holiday Gift Wrap
PTA Membership
PTA Communication Tools (see below)

*Organize class teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, Holidays, teacher birthdays and/or End of the Year. (Optional).  A binder with a list of all of your teacher’s favorite items can be found in the PTA office.

*Be professional and cautious to NEVER release contact information without permission or share sensitive information you may be privy to as a room parent.







Who can I contact if I need help?

This might seem like a lot, but don’t fear – we are always here to assist you.
Staff Appreciation Chair: Kirby Neal,

Thank you for your commitment to our children, teachers, and staff!  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

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